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guiding asian american aggies and helping to build a home away from home.

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who is ideaaL?

The Institute for the Development and Education of Asian American Leaders (IDEAAL) was founded in September 2003 as a portal to guide Asian American Aggies on the road to becoming strong influencers in the Texas A&M Community. We are a student-directed year-long developmental institute tailored towards freshmen and 1st-year transfer students.


what does tamu ideaal do?

We foster the professional and cultural development of our students through augmenting leadership and progressive, discussion-based meetings. IDEAAL is dedicated to aiding freshmen to navigate the overwhelming college atmosphere by providing a safe-space and guidance from carefully-paired mentors. We also serve as a discussion forum focused on how various issues impact Asian-Americans and what we can do to create decisive change. The organization fosters opportunities to develop a sense of belonging on campus, increase awareness of our shared Asian identity and solidify fundamentals for future career growth.


want to learn more?

IDEAAL combines the best social, professional and educational aspects that freshman year has to offer, but don’t just take our word for it! Check out our current Leadership Team and Alumni Page by clicking the buttons below, and learn more about how IDEAAL can be your home away from home. 

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